House Rules

We welcome you to our campsite and wish you a pleasant stay.

We are committed to making your time with us as pleasant as possible.

In the interest of all residents and guests, we ask you to avoid anything that could disturb the community and the guests present. It is important to show consideration for each other and, if necessary, to put the realisation of one's own interests before the common good or to realise them elsewhere.

Please note the following pitch rules:

  1. The site regulations are legally recognised with the registration.
  2. Access to the campsite is only permitted after registration at the reception. The guest or visitor shall pay the prices applicable according to the valid price list. They undertake to register their visitors and pay the corresponding fees.
  3. Rest periods
    1. Please note the quiet hours from 10.00 pm to 7.00 am. During this time, noises, music and the like must be limited to so-called "room volume".
    2. During this time, only vehicles with special permission are allowed to enter the campsite. In case of emergency, it is possible to leave the campsite at any time. In this case, please inform the campsite management.
    3. No crafts, gardening (lawn mowing) or similar activities that cause noise may be carried out between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. or all day on Sundays and public holidays. Noisy work (lawn mowing) or similar activities may be carried out.
  4. All facilities of the facility must be treated with care and may only be used in accordance with their intended purpose.
  5. The sanitary facilities must be left clean.
  6. Waste must be placed in the containers provided and must not be stored. Waste must be disposed of separately in the containers provided.
  7. Waste water (dirty water, washing water, etc.) must always be tipped into the drains provided.
  8. Commercial activities on the premises require the prior consent of the owner.
  9. The access roads must be kept clear in a width of 5.50m. These are escape routes and fire protection strips. All stands must be kept clear of a fire protection strip 5.00m wide.
  10. The respective applicable youth protection regulations, in particular alcohol and smoking bans, residence bans, obligations of the legal guardians, must be observed by the young people and their legal guardians.
  11. For everyone's safety, parts of the recreational facility are under video surveillance.
  12. The staff of the campsite is authorised to give instructions in matters of parking regulations, safety, hygiene and compliance with the campsite regulations. Guests are obliged to fully comply with the instructions of the staff in charge.
  13. If disorderly conduct is found, the persons concerned will be admonished accordingly and may, if necessary, be expelled from the facility without entitlement to a refund of the tariff demand. In this case, there is no entitlement to a refund of any fees paid.
  14. Everything that harasses or even endangers other people must be refrained from.
  15. In special cases, a visitation ban may also be imposed for the future.
  16. The operator is entitled to refuse to admit persons or to expel them from the site if the maintenance of peace and order is not guaranteed.
  17. Departure is daily from 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. The pitch must be completely tidied up by the user before his departure.
  18. Long-term pitches & permanent camping
    1. Permanent campers are obliged to maintain private liability insurance and to prove this to the owner. For campers with underage children, this insurance must waive the examination of the breach of the duty of supervision (not automatically the case with all insurers).
    2. Permanent campers are responsible for the planting of their pitches and must maintain their pitches in a green, planted condition and create a nice overall appearance. Plants may remain on the pitches at the end of permanent camping and continue to grow and reproduce.
    3. After the end of the contract (expiry of the term/termination without notice), the camper is obliged to vacate his pitch. Plantings on the site may be left behind, as well as fences and path or terrace slabs. Should the pitch not be vacated on time, the fees for day camping will be owed.
  19. Vehicles & Traffic
    1. For safety reasons, driving is only allowed at walking speed - play street regulation - in the entire facility (i.e. also in the car park in front of the entrance gate). The regulations of the StVO and the StVG apply. Honking is only permitted in cases of danger.
    2. Washing vehicles in the facility is prohibited for environmental reasons. Any pollution will be reported!
    3. Only one caravan may be placed per pitch. Each pitch is allocated a parking space on the pitch or in the immediate vicinity. Additional car parking spaces can be rented by means of additional contractual agreements.
    4. Only vehicles with official registration may be in the facility.
    5. Deregistered vehicles may not be parked in the facility.
    6. Vehicles or other objects may only be parked in such a way that access to all parts of the facility is not obstructed, especially with regard to rescue, fire brigade or police operations.
    7. Driving on the grounds is only permitted to reach the respective stand and to exit (no internal driving to the sanitary facilities etc.).
    8. The entrance gate must be closed again after each passage.
  20. Fire protection
    1. Fire extinguishers may only be used in case of fire. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the operation of fire extinguishers.
    2. Open fires are only allowed at the official fireplaces and with prior permission of the owner.
    3. Each user of a power connection is responsible for his or her own line and plug device; only approved and tested electrical equipment may be used. The guest is responsible for any damage caused by improper power connections.
    4. Gas bottles must not weigh more than 11 kg. The gas system must comply with legal and technical requirements and be subject to a current gas test.
  21. Animals
    1. Feeding animals is prohibited. The exception is feeding your own pets. Keeping animals in the complex requires the owner's consent.
    2. Animals brought along are not allowed in the area of the sunbathing lawn or on the sports & playgrounds.
    3. Dogs must always be kept on a leash.
    4. In tents, dogs must be secured in a transport box overnight.
  22. Nature conservation & grounds maintenance
    1. The boundaries of the site and the trees may not be climbed or climbed over.
    2. The lakes are part of the natural balance. Any avoidable impairment must be avoided at all costs. The shore areas of the lakes must not be interfered with.
    3. The unauthorised anchoring of jetties and similar devices is not permitted. Private ownership" of jetties by campers and third parties is not possible. Existing professionally erected jetties may be used by anyone at their own risk. Signs with the inscription "Attention! Increased risk of accident! Use at your own risk!" are permitted. Anything else requires the owner's consent. Shore areas must be kept freely accessible overall.
    4. The use of the jetties is at your own risk (exclusion of liability).
    5. The vegetation of the site must not be interfered with. Damaging plants is strictly prohibited. Planting on the site may only be done by the owner.
  23. Fishing
    1. Fishing from the recreation and camping site is only permitted with the prior consent of the site owner. A fishing permit must be purchased from the operator. Composite cards are not valid.
    2. The introduction of fish and plants into the lakes is only permitted with the owner's consent.
    3. The fishing regulations must be observed.
  24. Disclaimer
    1. Use of the site and its facilities is at your own risk.
    2. A limitation of liability is agreed. The owner is not liable for damages that happen to campers or third parties in the facility, as long as he is not proven to have acted with intent or gross negligence. Damage must be reported immediately. Claims can only be made within one month after knowledge of the damage.
    3. Anyone who causes a condition in the area of the facility that is not in accordance with the intended use by causing damage or contamination must remove this immediately at his own expense without being asked to do so. 
    4. Use of the car park in front of the entrance gate is at your own risk. The car park is not guarded. There is no guarantee that the surfaces and other facilities will be maintained to protect vehicles from damage (e.g. from nails, broken glass or potholes located on surfaces).
    5. The use of the jetties and the lake is at your own risk (exclusion of liability).


Status: 20.02.2021